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Bizani is a digital content production agency specialising in media production of visual content that engages, educates and activates audiences by pushing the boundaries of storytelling. We combine the power of good storytelling with real world impact and awareness around today’s most vital issues. We tell stories rooted in the human experience with the power to change lives. Our video and film productions convey our clients’ and partners' message in a memorable way and that makes everyone proud. At Bizani, we think creatively and strategically. We love to help organisations, brands, broadcasters and individuals to produce exciting films, branded content, digital content, publications and one-of-a-kind experiences. We love film and television.

Bizani offers all-round content creation and support services.  


We produced safety induction videos and a video business report.
End of project monitoring and evaluation video production.
Provision of television productions.
Production of Green enterPRIZE Innovation Challenge promotional events video production.
Pogos relies on Bizani for packaging design, promotional videos and shop branding.
Bizani films the annual long distance walkathon (over 150km).


Amalima Project video competition

Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture conducted a 7 year project in Matebeleland province of Zimbabwe to build rural farmers’ capacity through training, village savings, community health clubs and behavior change. The client hosted a competition where beneficiaries recorded short videos with their phones about the impact of the project. The top 15 were selected and Bizani was retained to choose the final three winners and produce the videos professionally. This content is helping the project partners to communicate their work to a wide audience. 

Sustain Docu-series

Running under the theme “for future generations”, Sustain is a documentary television show that raises awareness about sustainability. In a bid to help people to live a more sustainable life well preserved for future generations, we cover various developmental issues to do with climate change, the environment, water, health, poverty, food security, education, gender and community development. 

Ndine Thaza Reality Game Show

 Entrepreneurship is the key to economic development, especially in the developing world. The journey to building a successful business is tough and often full of challenges. Ndine Thaza is a reality game show in which entrepreneurs compete for a prize by practicing the art of business planning. This fun and entertaining approach to business brings together an audience that loves and lives entrepreneurship.   

Unsung series

 Often times we tend to celebrate the “frontmen” in all spheres of life. If it’s sport, we celebrate the players; if it’s business we celebrate the CEOs. But behind these people are heroes and heroines who keep things moving. Unsung celebrates the lives of these people; who work behind the scenes. From grounds men, refuse bin collectors, vendors, nurse aids to secretaries and spanner boys. This inspirational documentary tv series celebrates the unsung heroes and heroines of our lives.  

Friends of the Environment 150km Walkathon

The Friends of the Environment are a group of corporates and individuals targeting to plant up to 500 million trees in Zimbabwe by the year 2026. They do this through awareness, tree planting and setting up of tree nurseries. As part of their awareness efforts, each year, a group of 300 walkers walk for long distances of over 150kms each year raising awareness, planting trees culminating in the opening of a tree nursery. Bizani has filmed this event on 5 occasions producing a documentary of events.

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